Hi there, I'm Leila.

I'm interested in how brains work and lately,
I like solving problems with JavaScript.

I'm also a Web Developer with PM experience.


I have seven years professional experience helping teams plan, coordinate, and optimize projects. To deepen my knowledge of software development, I've been taking programming courses online and gaining skills needed to contribute to open source.

I gravitate towards organization. Keeping teams focused comes naturally. Its simple. I didn't say it was easy. But it can be fun too, and I can help.

Verbs: making, climbing, yogaing, and thinkering.


  • Team Skills
    • Product Management
    • Project Management
    • Agile
    • Scrum Master
    • Workflow Analysis
    • Cross-Departmental & Cross-Functional Communication
    • JIRA Administration
  • Front-End
    • HTML(5)
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
      • ECMA-262 Edition 5.1+
      • JQuery
      • Bootstrap 3+
      • D3JS
      • EmberJS 2.2+
      • AngularJS 1.2+
      • React
  • Back-End
    • NodeJS
    • NPM
    • PHP
    • Python
    • R
    • WordPress Multi-Site
    • Web Hosting & Administration
      • SSL
      • Apache2


  • Experience
    • Web Developer
      • Design iteration.
      • Front-End web development using HTML5/CSS & JavaScript.
      • Workflow experience with git, grunt, gulp, npm.
      • Server administration and scripting.
    • Product Manager
      • Facilitated product development from scratch to GA.
      • Argued for process thus selecting and implementing metrics.
      • Patiently untangled client feedback to develop requirements, encouraging team to prioritize ROI when possible.
      • Researched and reported on industry needs across multiple verticles, helping match product ability with useful implementations.
      • Led Project Management efforts, an agile w/scrum & waterfall hybrid process; used JIRA/Git/Jenkins.
    • Contracts & Proposals Coordinator
      • Helped coordinate business, sales, and operational efforts.
      • Administered task database.
      • Kept SEC-compliant departmental records.
    • Research Assistant
      • Created 3D-rendered functional and cognitive human brain maps.
      • Administered multi-modal cognitive testing and research.
      • Collected data, analyzed research, and published findings in peer-reviewed journals.
      • Facilitated surgical efforts.
    • IT Dept Coordinator
      • DBA.
    • Systems Analyst Intern
      • Compliance upgrades to production code.
      • Code review.
  • Education
    • MSc (in progress), Clinical Trial Sciences (concentration on Regulatory Affairs) - Rutgers University
    • BA, Psychology (concentration on Cognitive Neuropsychology) - Johns Hopkins University
    • Certificate (in progress), Full Stack Web Development - FreeCodeCamp
    • Course Certificate, R Programming - Coursera
    • Course Certificate, Data Wrangling - Coursera
    • Course Certificate, Project Management - Coursera
  • Publications


I work every given day to gain the skills I need to accomplish my goals. I hope to make great things with great friends along the way. This site is part of that journey.

Everything here (except the borrowed libraries) was created by me. Many, but not all of these projects were inspired by the FreeCodeCamp (FCC) curriculum. I am so grateful to the wonderful people and organizations who helped me get to where I am.

My near-term goal is to complete my MSc from RU, and Full Stack Certificate from FCC. My on-going goal is to become a better Product Maker by engaging with the iteration process and by leveraging my knowledge of brain science.

I had a lot of fun making these. As always, thanks for your feedback!